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"Plant of polymeric materials "SOUZ" has been a leading producer of modern film materials for different purposes more than 10 years. Our company produces polyethylene film based on modern European technologies, using both domestic and foreign equipment.  Highly qualified specialists of our manufacture, strictly control the quality of the producing materials.

Our company has a complete technological equipment chain for production of polyethylene by extrusion method, flexographic printing on the film, the production of bags and recycling of polymers.

We can offer products in any desired amount;  providing with  competitive price and excellent service.

Production of films at choice: construction, reinforced, greenhouses and others.



Extrusion equipment
Extrusion equipment Extrusion technology implies the forcing of raw material melt through the extruder forming hole. Extruder – is a machine which allows forming extruded plastic material through a extrusion head.... подробнее
Flexographic equipment
Flexographic equipment Flexographic printing is printing on flexible and plastic materials. This printing is gaining immense popularity in the flexible packaging manufacture due to its profitability. Such packaging during the printing process is coiled in rolls or spools, and further, depending on it`s purpose, product packaging or wrapping can be produced.... подробнее
Equipment for bags
Equipment for bags The equipment for the production of plastic bags is often called the bag making machine. They exist in a fairly wide range, for example for the manufacture of packages such as "T-shirt", garbage bags, and bags with handles...... подробнее
Equipment for recycling
Equipment  for recycling Modern progress in science, engineering and manufacturing requires the use of polymers and plastics in large amount because they are versatile, practical and reliable. Also, these materials are the integral part of our daily life. Consumption of plastics on an industrial scale is not completely in favor for the social, economic and environmental matters.... подробнее
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