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Equipment for bag production

The equipment for the production of plastic bags is often called the bag making machine. They exist in a fairly wide range, for example for the manufacture of packages such as "T-shirt", garbage bags, and bags with handles, with a valve on an adhesive tape round bottom packages and so on.  To change the type of package it is enough to replace the solder knife is. Primarily, hot knife sealing is performed, followed by cutting cloth into packets using guillotine mechanical cutter. During the production of garbage bags the machine is equipped with optional winder and a knife for perforation.

It must be mentioned that all the packages production machines are equipped with a stepper motor or servo film feeding, an automatic constant temperature control, device ESD, automatic counter and alarm indicator.Bag machines can be semi-automatic and automatic. Semi-automatic machines are very popular among start-up companies, because they can be purchased at enough low prices, and they are easy to maintain and use. Automatic bag machines have higher productivity, providing a stable product quality and requiring less staff.

Our company produces packages of high and low polyethylene density. This may be the type of T-shirt bags, banana, shrink bags for packaging of pallets, as well as tear-off bags of large size, in rolls. We have an opportunity to produce products up to 1500 mm and lengths up to 5000 mm.

We have 3 machines made in Taiwan and South Korea in our park of bag equipment.


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