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Packets 'T-shirt' with print

Polyethylene packets 'T-shirt' is the most convenient and practical form of packaging that is quite popular in the trade network.  At the moment, we simply cant imagine grocery stores and shopping malls where there are no paid or free packing packets.

This simple and at the same time functional packaging is an excellent advertising space. That is why each solid trading company within the corporate identity maintaining uses the packets printing opportunity. The recognizable logo or emblem, slogan and details applied to the package - this is enough budget publicity stunt that works effectively for 24 hours. In fact, after the product purchase the consumer doesnt  immediately dispose of the packing bag, and keeps it for future residential  use.

For printing on the packet, our company uses the modern way to print -flexography. Normally, to print on the "T-shirt" packets it is selected one- or two-color printing. Such type of package has a feature to deform and become convex when filled, distorted and drawing the image. That is why it makes sense to seal small areas or to use a small palette of colors.

Packets 'T-shirt' made of certified polyethylene suitable for contact with food.

Polyethylene packets with the logo of your company - it is a cheap and effective way to attract the consumers attention. You can order polyethylene packets with printing by calling our office.  Qualified personnel will take care of the optimal performance of your order.
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