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Equipment for the polymers recycling

Modern progress in science, engineering and manufacturing requires the use of polymers and plastics in large amount because they are versatile, practical and reliable. Also, these materials are the integral part of our daily life. Consumption of plastics on an industrial scale is not completely in favor for the social, economic and environmental matters. Because after using, polymers must be utilized in the most secure way. As you know the burning is very harmful way of recycling plastic waste, which causes significant damage to the environment.

Progress does not stand still and nowthe recycling of polymers transformed from a problem in the promising ​​business area. Polymers and plastics after processing retain substantially all the properties, which is a cost-effective advantage. It should be noted that during the production process both secondary raw materials and primary materials can be used with additives of recycled polymers.

Polymer processing is quite complex mechanical and chemical process during which several types of equipment (namely sintering, crushing, extrusion and granulation) are applied.

Primarily the processable polymer is cleared of waste and sorted. This procedure is performed by sintering or screening equipment for the processing of polymers. Then, the material is crushed by a shredder (special chopper) that allows you to prepare the plastics for extrusion. After grinding polymers and plastics are leaded to a liquid state and  extruded in a special shape. After solidification this forms are granulated by appropriate equipment. By processing the pellets or flakes are obtained, in this form recycled polymer becomes suitable for reuse.

Our company has a set of equipment, which provides the full cycle of polymers recycling from waste sorting to manufacturing products of wide application, such as a film. It is important to note that we use washing equipment of  German production, and granulating machine of  Austrian production.  Performance of recycling department is about 500 kg/hour.



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