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Flexographic equipment

Flexographic printing is printing on flexible and plastic materials. This printing is gaining immense popularity in the flexible packaging manufacture due to its profitability. Such packaging during the printing process is coiled in rolls or spools, and further, depending on it`s purpose, product packaging or wrapping can be produced.  Flexographic printing is perfect for printing packages of ice cream, pastries, chips, seeds, nuts, grocery goods and also for packets.

Equipment for this process is called flexographic machines.  There are different configurations of flexographic machines that perform monochrome, two-color, four-color or six-color printing. This printing can be made on polyethylene, paper, foil, polypropylene and virtually any flexible material. These fairly economical and practical machines  are designed for single-sided and double-sided printing. They are characterized by high reliability in operation and stable high-quality printing, in spite of the fact that the speed of the machine is rather high, some reaching speeds up to 120 m/min.

Our company provides the opportunity to apply flexographic printing on film and paper, as well as on the folded film for pallet packing. The production capacity is 100 tons/month, print width up to 1400 mm, and the palette of four colors. All orders are completed on Italian and Taiwan equipment.



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