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Stretch film

Stretch film - is one of the youngest packaging materials, but in spite of that it`s rapidly gaining the turnovers of market demand. It is a modern and highly functional packaging material, which can easily compete with the familiar packaging products. Stretch film compared with the conventional film material has the ability to stretch from 50 to 400% without a significant change in the width and without forming gaps.


 The main consumer properties of stretch film:

prestretch - relational deformation, which can be stretched during wrapping film with ensuring of guaranteed bond package;


an elongation in the longitudinal and transverse directions;

puncture, impact, gap and bursting resistance;

high transparency;


adhesiveness - the ability of the film layers adhere to each other during the contact, but not to the packaged goods;

detaching force - the force generated by the residual  exertion of  the film after its stretching during productwinding or packaging.


There are three kinds of stretch film:

Manual or for manual winding - does not require additional equipment;

Machine (automatic) or for machine winding - packaging is carried out with use of specialized machinery - palletizers;

Jumbo-roll - serves to rewind the jumbo roll to hand-stretch.


The stretch film can be applied in the food and industrial areas, depending on the film materials. In the food sector stretch film is widely used for packaging of bread and bakery products, vegetables, fruits, of loose products, including fatty foods, such as meat products, fish products, poultry, butter, cheese, etc.

In the industrial sector stretch film has become an indispensable favorite within the transport and warehousing areas. It makes workwith loads during transportation and storage in warehouses much easier by the fact that it firmly holds the goods on pallets.


It is important to note the following features of this material:

protects against damage, dirt and wet due to the tightness of the package;

prevents spillage, damage, loss (theft),  chips and scratches on the surface of the product;

firmly adheres goods without the formation of wrinkles and leave no space between the product and packaging;

allows you to hold the load on the pallet due to the high exertion;

firm stabilization of cargo, its dense layout is the critical factors to ensure the proper preservation of goods, especially during transportation over long distances and, if necessary, make several transshipment  of cargo during its delivery ;

in several times increases the speed of product`s shipment and acceptance;

reduces storage costs of turnover (possibility to put items on top of each other);

simplifies the completion  of customer orders;  optical transparency of the stretch film provides the possibility of visual inspection of the packaged contents;

wide range of operating temperatures, the possibility of packaging refrigerated and frozen products;

insensitive to changes in temperature and retains its packing property in a very wide temperature range;

unlike the adhesive tape, stretch film leaves no residue on the packed product.


The application area of stretch film is extremely wide. Any product that requires transportation and storage can be packaged in such a film.

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