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If just think about what kind of material we use on a daily basis, the answer is unequivocal - polyethylene. Now, it is difficult to imagine how we lived without it before. Its usage is so unlimited, convenient and versatile, that consumers simply don’t want to replace it with something else. Polyethylene is used in daily life, in packaging of food and household goods,  agriculture and construction, etc. Current technologies allow to produce the film with various functions and sphere of consumption.



 Our company offers you the following products made ​​of polyethylene :

Polyethylene film
Polyethylene film Polyethylene film is absolutely safe for human health and at the same time has a number of advantages for a wide use in everyday life , agriculture and manufacturing.... подробнее
Packets, liners, bags
Packets, liners, bags The most famous products are made of polyethylene plastic bags , liners , shrink bags for packaging, bags with handles and without handles , plastic covers .... подробнее
Flexographic printing
Flexographic printing Flexographicprinting is a kind of high printing method in which there are used the flexible polymer plates (clichés) and low-viscosity (liquid),that quickly curable ink.... подробнее
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