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Agricultural film

At present time the Ukraine's agriculture

rapidly develops and therefore expands the range of support materials used in the sector.

The appearance of agricultural film became a vivid proof of it. The properties and characteristics of such films differ from the usual, because it is used in special circumstances and the concrete results are expected within its application.

Agricultural film is usually made multilayered in order to achieve the best operational properties. During its production the various supplements are added and this improves film functions.

These supplements are given below:

Light stabilizers - they can be used to increase the lifespan of films that fall under the constant exposure to the sun.

Antifogs provide effect in which condensate doesn`t  go to drop and thus not falls on the plants. The moisture evenly distributes over the film and flows along the walls in the ground, while maintaining a constant humidity of the earth.

Absorbers of infrared radiation - keep in the shelter necessary climate, by preventing air cooling and thereby enhancing the greenhouse effect.

Polilight supplements that converts the energy of solar radiation, converting the ultraviolet component of the solar spectrum in the visible.

Antistatic- prevents the formation of dust on the film and thereby reducing its transparency.


Additives that prevent darkening of the film and the activities of pests inside the covering.The scope of application of this film is quite wide, respectively, there are different  types of agricultural film:

Films for greenhouses, can be both single-layer and multi-layer with the addition of light stabilizers and antifogs. Used to cover greenhouses. In Ukraine, as well as throughout the world, growers establish greenhouses under the film or polycarbonate. Hotbeds prefer to put it on garden plots.

Films for mulchingare also single-layer or multilayer with the necessary supplements. Used to cover the soil in order to prevent the growth of weeds, increase soil temperature and thereby improve the efficiency of fertilizers and irrigation.

Films for storage silo have increased strength, elongation, and low gas permeability.  It is used for reliable and quality storage of food, through the creation of a vacuum under the film.

Films for soil fumigation and sterilization can be multi layered with a good gaps resistance and low gas permeability. Used to prevent pesticides from soil to the atmosphere, which are used for the soil sterilization against diseases and harmful viruses or bacteria.


There are also special films for covering  the bottom of ponds, for soil sterilization from solar radiation and for forage and post-harvest packaging.


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