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Shrink film

Shrink film is widely presented in our everyday life. At the same time we don’t even notice it, simply because we don’t know what it is. In fact, if you go to the store in the perfume department, you will see each box or vial carefully covered with a thin shell, as well as sealed vegetables and bread in the grocery department. It is the shrink film. It is widely used both for group packaging and for the packaging of certain goods, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, bricks, tiles, as well as a range of consumer goods.  Among all packaging films the shrink film is probably the most demanded. It is used in the food and metal working, chemical, construction, electronic and light industry. The use of shrink film depends on its density:  for  the packaging of cosmetics and foodstuffs used thinner films, and for large cargo such as building materials, used more dense film.

Shrink film is easy to use and perfectly used on any type of equipment - in manual, semi-automatic and automatic packaging machines.


Popularity of  the  film is growing  not accidently,  it is literally a breakthrough in the field of packaging materials, as evidenced by its characteristics:

• transparency - equal to the glass makes it possible to perfectly view the item, it is convenient for logistics;

• flexibility - heated evenly and tightly wraps around the surface of the product, taking any form;

• mechanical strength;

• moisture, dust, and gas barrier;

• has a high strength, maintains the products for a long time;

• impossibility of opening the package without damaging it;

• products can be easily removed from the film, if necessary, without requiring special tools to remove it;

• wide range of applications - from food to building; materials

• low weight;

• efficiency;

• hygiene;

• ease of use and low cost.


Shrink film easily changes the linear dimensions under the influence of temperature, which allows you to give it the shape of the packaged product.  After packing in shrink film, the article briefly treated with hot air, and while cooling the film returns its original dimensions. For example, if you pack big-volume cargo the shrink film firmly attaches the products on pallets excluding its mobility and eliminates the additional fastening methods such as polypropylene strapping and metal strips. When packing piece goods shrink film enables to form blocks, for example, from a package of granular products, bottles, cans, etc. This package provides the convenience of transportation and warehousing of goods. It also protects the product from external odors and from the external environment. The film tightly and uniformly adheres to the product, which makes a great presentation of the package. Products covered with the shrink film have a presentable appearance, is not subject to external influences, not damaged during loading, transportation, unloading, and does not deteriorate in storage.

The range of shrink films is quite broad: the  thickness of 30 to 300 microns, and there is produced in different forms such as sleeve, half-sleeve, blade, folding sleeve, pallet package almost in any size with the requested parameters.

Packaging products with shrink  films greatly simplifies the process, reduces the amount of labor and is the most reliable and cheapest way.

We produce a film based on the individual requirements of each customer, taking into account the nature of the package loadand features of packaging equipment used by the customer.

After receipt the customer applications our specialists develop the technological process that allows perform the order in the shortest possible time and with the best quality. We optimize process regimes and compositions that best fulfill the conditions of the order.

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