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Polyethylene film

Usage of polyethylene established in everyday life that consumers couldn`t even gather it. Sometimes,  using polyethylene, we do not even think about this material, just take and apply. In fact, the packages, in which we bring products from the market or pack for storage, food film, in which the food retains a fresh appearance, trash bags, and more are made of polyethylene. Using these polyethylene products daily, we do not even notice their presence. And only when they are not at hand, we appreciate their practicality and necessity.


Polyethylene film is absolutely safe for human health and at the same time it has a number of advantages for a wide use in everyday life, agriculture and manufacturing.


Polyethylene Properties:

- Water resistant

- Low gas permeability

- High chemical resistance

- Flexibility

- Economy

- Reliability

- Frost-resistance

- Hygiene

- Versatility

- Cheapness


Film production in Kiev

Our company produces the following types of films:

- Film packaging

- Film greenhouse

- Thermocontractablefilm

- Recycled film

- Stretch film

- Film for agriculture

- Construction film

- Multi-layer film



Production of films to order and sale in Ukraine. Polyethylene film produced in the following formats:




Folding Sleeve

Polyethylene film - is a convenient and flexible packaging material without which we cant imagine our life and the production process. It should also be noted that the acquired polyethylene film in bulk significantly reduces costs.

Our company producesand salespolyethylenefilm wholesale and retail in Kyiv and throughout Ukraine.

Producer of the film in Ukraine "Plant of polymeric materials "SOUZ - is a reliable polymer materials plant 1 in Kiev. We produce high-quality film. Order and purchase of polyethylene rolls: +38 044 501-66-66

+38 050 404-35-41
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