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Polyethylene bags

Polyethylene bags are used for the products, goods, waste storage and transportation, it is a universal container. Their scope is very diverse, such as construction, medicine, trade, agriculture, food industry, etc.

Production of polyethylene bags can be made of high (LDPE) or low (HDPE) pressure, depending on the intended use. Also, the bags can be transparent or coloredin various sizes and polyethylene density, with lateral folds. Polyethylene bags are the most widely adopted as a package for granular products, for packaging products in retail chains, for garbage bags and products storage.


The advantages of such bags are:

long life;

low cost;


high resistance to tearing, puncture, stretch;

protects the product from external factors;

prevents leakage contained in the bag.


Thanks to its special properties polyethylene bags have become a familiar and essential  attribute of our everyday life. It is a convenient material for goods and products storage, as well as for the disposal of household waste. The polythene bags with higher strength and more volume are used in construction and repair. It should be noted that recycled raw materials can be used for production of bags for building waste and non-food packaging materials. These bags are not inferior to the quality of the bags of raw material, but rather gain at the expense of lower prices.


It is important to note that if you buy polyethylene bags wholesale, you can considerably save your money.
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