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Extrusion equipment

Extrusion technology implies the forcing of raw material melt through the extruder forming hole. Extruder – is a machine which allows forming extruded plastic material through a extrusion head.

An extrusion method is generally used in the production of polymeric articles and intermediates. The uniqueness of this method lies in the possibility of manufacturing products of unlimited length within a predetermined shape.The extrusion equipment used for the extrusion of polymeric materials such as polystyrene, polyvinylchloride, polyethylene and other thermosets. Despite the fact that plastic injection is one of the main methods of manufacturing plastic products, extrusion steadily gains popularity in this field.

For  the processing of polymers  to the end products by extrusion the various types of extruders are used, for example, single screw, multi screw, displacement and disc. For more effective production within the extruder there are also used accessories that create an extrusion line. The simplest and most popular, is single screw extruder, that  is widely used in the production of films, sheets, pipes, profiles, and other similar products.

The main elements of extruder are:  a formative extrusion head, a filter, a screw auger and a heated extruder barrel. The screws of different profiles, with a various pitch and depth of turns are used  in production. It depends on the nature and type of the polymeric materials, as well as technological conditions of its processing. There are also short-screw and long-screw machines, the choice of which depends on the type of manufactured products.

Products  of our company are manufactured on the Ukrainian, Taiwan and Italian equipment. Currently our extruder park consists of seven units, which provides overall productivity 1000 kg / h. We can produce films of polyethylene of high and low pressure, from primary and secondary raw materials on the single-layers and multi-layers lines.

The produced film can be from 55mm to 6000mm in width and density of 7mkm to 300mkm in different formats: sleeve, half-sleeve, blade, folding sleeve.


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